The original AXiO (Ltd) was formed in the early 1980s to facilitate the sale of the founders’ UK electronics industry business.  During the late 1990s this was closed when the founders migrated to Australia, with AXiO 1 P/L being formed in 1998.

During the founder’s business careers they have been involved in a number of industries including marketing (PR, advertising, exhibitions, direct mail, print); prestige display manufacturing (portable displays, bespoke re-usable exhibition booths/stands, shopfitting and graphics creation); electronics (electronic power supplies for OEMs in the industrial, medical, telecoms and consumer sectors); tourism (specialised tours and accommodation) and air-conditioning/refrigeration (contractor/service) culminating today in marketing consultancy and photography services.

Who is AXiO?

AXiO is a privately owned, funded and operated business.  The owners have a solid and varied background spanning several decades, accumulating during that time a wealth of experience in a variety of skill sets as well as a wealth of global contacts.

What does AXiO do?

Like any good enterprise AXiO is in business to make money and AXiO does this by helping others to do likewise.  AXiO’s guidance and services are there to ultimately help their clients improve their own business image, performance and profitability.  AXiO serves ambitious clients from individual entrepreneurs to multi-national conglomerates.

Why is AXiO good?

Current offerings from AXiO are based on a wealth of experience so its clients are not paying AXiO to “reinvent the wheel” as it were.  Much of this wealth has come from pushing the boundaries of technology and utilizing it as it is developed, as is the case today.  AXiO has foresight and patience in its dealings and always been in pursuit of excellence in everything it does.  Having fun along the way is also an important ingredient to AXiO’s success.


John A White Co-Founder

John was born, raised, educated and started his business career in the UK, moving to Australia as a business migrant in 1997.  His career began as an electronic and mechanical apprentice engineer at the then UKAEA’s AERE Harwell, one of the UK’s leading industry research establishments.  He was at the frontier of migrating from analogue to digital electronics, something which has been an invaluable foundation to build a business career upon.  continued/ …

John A White Co-Founder

continued …  With starting his own company at a comparatively young age John has developed skills in all aspects of running a successful business from production through procurement, management accounting, industrial relations, customer relations, insurance to international sales and marketing.  Having been a keen amateur photographer all his life he has found the advent of digital technology in the photographic world an absolute joy, jumping in with both feet some years ago and reaping the benefits of his dedication now.  Similarly he has thoroughly enjoyed taking on board sound production in conjunction with Karen’s career as a performer.


Karen J White Co-Founder

Karen was also born, raised, educated and started her business career in the UK, moving to Australia also as a business migrant with John in 1997.  She started life assisting her parents run a major hotel in the north of England gaining many skills including people handling and accountancy.  Before meeting John she progressed her career in the real estate business as a PA.  Joining John in the mid 1970s Karen took charge of the business’s accounts from purchases through job costing to full management accounts (excluding tax adjustments).  continued/ …

Karen J White Co-Founder

continued …  Later Karen additionally took on the responsibility for project management which included the shopfit of several hundred shops across the UK simultaneously ready for a special promotion.  More recently Karen has established her own career in entertainment as a performer, producing to date four albums and funding and producing a handful of her own shows; this has also enabled her and John to invest in top quality sound and recording equipment.