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About AXiO & its officers

AXiO is founded on a wealth of business experience.  This experience is brought into every job we do – the Directors have been in our clients' shoes; we know how hard it is to survive in business let alone create margin to fund marketing amongst all the other costs.  We strive to stretch our clients' marketing dollars to the maximum & deliver the best we can within budget.  When we write copy (words) or point the camera to record we view doing so as from our clients' point of view, we merge our passion with that of our clients, together we make synergy.

Originally based in the UK AXiO’s Directors started their first business in sales & marketing services for electronic equipment manufacturers during 1973 before a couple of years later additionally forming a shopfitting & exhibition booth construction business.  In the mid 1980s their interest was aroused with the opportunity to establish a specialist electronics distribution business addressing the UK OEM market. These businesses were sold & in 1997 the Directors migrated to Australia.

Within Australia the Directors purchased & developed tourism & service industry businesses.  Interests in tourism were sold to focus on the service industry business which subsequently, at the onset of the GFC, the Directors decided to close due primarily to shrinking margins.

A sabbatical was taken during which the Directors decided to go full circle & return to sales & marketing services albeit this time with the advent of the internet & strident advancements in communication technology to do so with the focus of marketing-through-the-internet.

During their career the Directors have been involved with domestic & international markets often working to international (ISO) standards & dealing with independents to conglomerates . With the passing of time this has led to proficiency being developed in a broad spectrum of skills such as sales, advertising, marketing, job, product & project viability costing, compliance, HR issues, risk analysis, commercial & employment law, trade union negotiation, financing, debt control & very importantly “daily” full profit & loss calculation & monitoring. It is with this background of experience that the Directors feel well position & qualified to guide others in maximising on their opportunities & goals – the Directors know first hand how hard it is to raise the dollars to fund marketing.

John White

John was born, raised, schooled & trained in Berkshire England, where he worked before emigrating to FNQ Australia in 1997.

His training comprised employment by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) at their Atomic Energy Research Establishment (AERE) Harwell establishment as an apprentice technician studying mechanical engineering & electronic engineering.   After AERE Harwell John worked as an R&D engineer in a local industrial electronics manufacturing company but lured by the glamour of sales he then quickly moved into the world of marketing as a Marketing Executive for a renowned scientific equipment manufacturer.

Ever pushing the boundaries in 1973 John established his own advertising & public relations company focusing on customers with electronics based products.  Not content with this John formed another business with others to be one of the first UK modular exhibition booth construction & display companies.  In 1975 John met his now wife Karen & shortly after divested his interest in the exhibition business & formed an electronics import & distribution business.   1997 saw John & Karen move to Australia start a life in tourism & services.  Now John is focused on helping others develop their businesses through traditional marketing, videography/photography & mentoring.

Karen White

Karen was born in the North East of England (she’s officially a Geordie) but her family moved south when she was only three, so she too was raised, schooled & trained in Berkshire UK.

Despite the fact that Maths was her best subject at school and that she obviously had a good feel for figures in general she firmly resisted concerted efforts to get her to formally train to be an accountant, choosing instead to learn ‘on the go’ – various family accountants and work colleagues encouraged her love of figures and effectively coached her to Trial Balance level. Her parents owned an hotel for two years and during that time Karen learned all aspects of running a small (58 bedroom) hotel, developed an enduring love of live music (four nights a week in one of the hotel bars) and attended College where she obtained several secretarial qualifications.

Working as a team with John proved highly successful and upon moving to Australia in 1997 Karen thoroughly enjoyed their several years in tourism businesses, using her experience of being a tourist to Australia for many years to good use, planning holidays for others and running wildlife tours. Now the new challenges and opportunities offered by modern technology have made the marketing / advertising / public relations industry an exciting one to be back in.


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