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Marketing + Video
Marketing + Video
Marketing + Video



Marketing + Video
Marketing + Video
Marketing + Video



Marketing covers a very wide range of services.  To the right is a topic list of the main aspects on marketing with which we can help you.

Combining the aggregate 80 years of marketing & own business development of AXiO's owners together with their passion for photography (stills & video) gives AXiO the edge to see a client's products / services through the client's eyes, as it were, & deliver high quality effective marketing material.  Never before has creating powerful images been so important - having the right tools to take advantage of the ever more powerful "marketing-through-the-internet" medium is now critical.

At AXiO detail & results matter.

Product summary

> advertising
> budget creation & management
> business management & mentoring
> campaign planning & execution
> copywriting, proofing & editing
> design
> direct mail campaigns
> exhibition booth / display design
> industry & government lobbying
> photography
> press release management
> project management
> public relations
> video production
> web creation & maintenance
> website hosting & SEO



There are many ways to procure marketing services & as such we adjust our terms to suit individual client's needs.

However, our preferred method is to contract on a project-by-project basis meaning we issue a project cost price against a given specification prior to commencing work on a project & then supply the goods / services as specified & costed.  Using this model we are generally able to offer client's our best pricing.

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