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Marketing + Video
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We are particularly good at taking photos of wildlife & people & pretty good as most aspects of commercial photography - we only take on subjects we know we can excel with!

Of course we use professional equipment favouring Canon digital cameras & associated lenses.  We also have an array of lighting to match.

We work on location or in either our rural Mossman or city Cairns studio.

Good planning makes good images & we do prefer to explore shoot opportunities & options before we make a date to turn on the cameras.

Product summary

> professional photography
> on location or studio
> ample lighting options
> secure gallery previewing & hosting
> competent photo manipulation
> props & costumes available
> models available
> shopping carts
> photos supplied online &/or CD
> full range of print options
> confidential service
> we offer great value service


As no one job is the same it's best to obtain a price per job from us.

Against any given specification we believe our prices to be competitive so take advantage of our no obligation pricing service - drop us a line or give a call with an idea of what you're after & we'll sketch out for you a costed written specification.  This is also the way to get our best pricing!

For those interested in portraiture to glamour take a look at our sister site

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