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Marketing + Video
Marketing + Video
Marketing + Video



Marketing + Video
Marketing + Video
Marketing + Video

Video filming & production


As a small team our pricing is competitive & we are most flexible & very reliable.

Naturally we use quality professional cameras, recording equipment, editing software & video hosting platforms (for online applications).  We mostly use digital Sony Broadcast cameras for video & Canon professional digital cameras & lenses for video & stills.

Sound is a very important part of what we do & for this we use quality vocal standard microphones & other recording equipment as well as professional audio editing software.

We operate on location & or in our Mossman or Cairns studio.

Point of difference

Our proficiency with cameras, sound & production has been built on top of a career in sales & marketing.  So not only do we see our work through the eye of the camera but we also see it through the eyes of our clients, business owners & managers, feeling their aspirations, knowing their budget constraints & so on!

With many years of hands-on marketing we believe we have vision on the marketing story as well as the image being shot.

Satisfaction guarantee - we guarantee our work will meet the agreed specification, time scale & cost.

Product summary

> "story book" creation
> web ("YouTube" style) videos
> display / retail videos
> large format videos
> training videos
> advertising videos
> information videos / displays
> videos on DVDs / USB sticks
> corporate / AGM videos
> advert free video hosting
Video index

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Two short promo videos for your perusal!  Note the our choice video thumbnail & lack third party advertising.


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