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Marketing + Video
Marketing + Video
Marketing + Video

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For optimal linking & embedding performance AXiO uses third party
video hosting services.

There are two types of hosting service, free & paid for.

Where strict control over linking, embedding & freedom from third party branding & advertising is required AXiO employs paid for hosting
services such as VimeoPro™.
AXiO's VimeoPro™ video gallery

If social networking is the prime goal & video security & third party advertising are not an issue then AXiO uses free hosting services such as YouTube™.

AXiO's YouTube™ video channel

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AXiO's overview #1 2012
AXiO's own advertisements
Carnivale 2011 (13) videos
Port Douglas Peninsula Hotel
Mossman Second Hand
Mossman Sugar Mill
Warren Entsch - MP Leichhardt
Whale Watching - Reef Magic
Wildlife Habitat - Koalas
Wildlife Habitat - Snippets
Wildlife Habitat - Food Prep
Wildlife Habitat - Wildlife Up Close
Zoe's Doggy Treats


Aboriginal Dance Troupe
Avenue of Honour
Kuranda Undie Run

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Performing Arts:

Bill Chambers + Hillbilly Goats
Bill Chambers up north
Danny Ross
Kamerunga - Lime Juice Tub
Karen White - Shoes
Karen White - Shoes with Uke
Karen White - Cabaret promo
Mapping The Heart
Quintessential Quirk 09 (26) videos
Quintessential Quirk 10 (51) videos

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