Image Masters

At AXiO we focus on image and images – everyone is at least subconsciously affected by image and we are passionate about delivering the very best image both for our clients and in our own work.  We do this in a number of ways …

Public image

Aiding, particularly, businesses to asses and improve their perceived public image - from marketing through staff to customer interface to handling complaints - indeed every public aspect of "doing business"!

  • image profiling
  • advertising
  • creative writing and design
  • public relations
  • website content and hosting

Image creation

Using state-of-the-art professional equipment and associated skills to create stunning image masters (photo and video), then processing and duplicating them optimised to suit each individual application.

  • studio photography
  • location photography
  • studio videography
  • live videography
  • sound recording
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Image processing

Manual manipulation/processing of RAW digital photo files to maximise a resultant photo’s look – much as was done in a dark room with light, masks, filters and chemicals on film and paper.

  • advanced manual RAW image data processing
  • photo editing and manipulation
  • archival standard quality printing
  • paper, pvc, glass, metal, acryic, etc.
  • print finishing and framing

AXiO image masters services

AXiO image masters services are derived from a foundation of decades of work in a number of industries and always being focused on being “in pursuit of excellence”.  AXiO operates only on a job-by-job basis enhancing our ability to focus on crafting the best at that time.

Public Image profiling

Most businesses under-estimate, ignore or have a blinkered view on their public image and its utmost …
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Public Relations (PR)

With so many ways to get one’s word out PR has become far more complex; nonetheless it is an essential …
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From concept through creation to placement and monitoring AXiO has the skills and experience to …
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Whether a product, service, project or corporate identity AXiO researches the market before passing …
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Creative writing

Whilst “a picture may be worth a thousand words” it’s creatively constructed prose which is the deal …
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Sales presenters

Failure to keep the delivery of sales and corporate messages accurate and consistent often leads to …
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Too many people believe the advertising that “smartphone” devices enable their users to produce …
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As an extension to its commercial photography services AXiO creates commercial videos.  This includes …
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Print is not so much in demand these days but it still forms a very important part of an organisation’s …
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AXiO specialises in the creation of online brochure style websites with, if required, a shopping cart.  Today …
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RAW image processing

AXiO has grown its photography skills along with the development of image processing and …
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Photo mounting/framing

Quality images demand quality printing and mounting – from archival prints through framed artworks …
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At AXiO we like to be thorough – “dot the i's and cross the t's”!  To us at AXiO quality is far more important than quantity – we like to look at the work we’ve done with pride and see our clients happy.  As a small proprietor owned and operated specialist organisation we are flexible in the way we contract with each client.  We do meet targets and specifications.  It will cost you only a little of your time to find out how AXiO can help you and your business …